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Two new tracts!

Born Wild -- where a happy ending is one where a kid's mother dies when he's seven.

Satan comes to Salem -- another example where I find myself surprised at agreeing with Chick's initial point (namely, I'm annoyed when people assume that actual witches were involved at Salem, which they weren't via any definition of the term). Instead, he blames the whole thing on the devil. Which leaves me thinking that he underestimates the depths to which humanity can go without demons being involved.
Little Dee - Book

New Tract!

Global Warming -- wherein Jack Chick explains that the move to alternative energy sources is a way of halting the spread of the gospel.

And because I realize it's been a while since I've posted, here's one from last Halloween:

The Walking Dead -- which tells people that they are all zombies if they don't accept Jesus.
Little Dee - Book

I've fallen behind . . .

So here's three new tracts:

That's Baphomet? in which being a mason (even if you're otherwise a devout Christian) will cause your son to become depressed and try to kill himself.

Mean Momma in which a town decides to respond to a new family's criminal activities by sending in a preacher instead of the cops. They kinda ignore the fact that, as none of her children showed signs of converting before their deaths, then only their abusive mother will end up in Heaven.

Still no Revival? which apparently considers Family Guy a sign of the downfall of western civilization.

Rare Old Chick Tract: Operation:Somebody Cares

Originally posted by scoobiedavis at Rare Old Chick Tract: Operation Somebody Cares

I recently bought the 1970 Chick tract “Operation Somebody Cares” from a bookstore for $5.00.   It is extremely rare. When Kurt Kuersteiner reviewed the tract in his book The Unofficial Guide to The Art of Jack T. Chick, he noted that “its existence was only a rumor until a copy was found in Chick’s archive vault in 2001.” The book listed its value as “speculative” but a copy sold on Ebay in 2009 for $500.

 Chick had the idea of setting up a program in which proselytizers would target a given number of households and visit them twice a week for three weeks and to give a new tract each visit (this made sense because at the time Chick only published six tracts: This Was Your Life, Somebody Loves Me, A Demon’s Nightmare, Holy Joe, Somebody Goofed, and The Beast.).   Apparently, the program never took off and the tract is very, very rare.

 Like many Chick tracts, it has inflammatory imagery. The cover has a communist, a “black power” militant, and a slovenly peacenik seated at a table. The sign on the wall reads, “Instant Anarchy Inc.” The communist says, “Let’s pray that. . . Operation ‘Somebody Cares’ doesn’t catch on.” Satan stands behind the group and says, “Amen.” (apparently Satan got his wish because it didn’t catch on).   Page three of the tract has “a communist time-table for the U.S.—1973” with gruesome images of a brutal home invasion in which the husband is gunned down, his wife scalped, and the toddler strangled.

 Like standard Chick tracts, it has 24 pages. However, there are some differences. For one thing, the cover is not the standard Chick tract cover format (for all tracts except for “This Was Your Life”).   Also, it is larger (3 3/32” x 5 3/8”) than the standard Chick tract; the standard format is 2 7/8” x 5” (see the photo of it compared to a standard tract and my oversized “The Beast” which is 3 3/8” x 4 15/16”).


One of the reasons for the size difference is that the back cover (see photo) was used for mailing the tract. 

Also, the next-to-last page was an order form for people who wished to be part of the program (when one detached it, it became a postpaid postcard because the other side had the postal permit number).


This is by far the most valuable of my 1500 Chick tracts. I lucked out big time.