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The Disillusionist

Two new tracts.

I noticed that these haven't been posted yet.

Is Allah Like You? In which we learn that unlike Chick's God who CAN'T save everyone; Allah can, but will NOT save everyone.

The Little Sneak - In which we learn that...ummm...stealing money is bad, mmmkay?

First, let me state that I am neither Muslim, nor mainstream Christian; I'm opposed to both, but I go by the philosophy of "If you're going to denounce something, try not to be hypocrite"

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the tract does. It points out verses in the Qur'an where Allah could in fact save everyone, but chooses not to do it, because he wants to fill Hell with man and jinn.

And, yet, according to Chick-ists, billions of people will go to Hell. It seems to me that Chick's god, who can't save everyone, is not that much different from the god of Qur'an who won't save everyone.

It's confusing. It's ok up until around the part where the kid gives the money back to his parents. But, then we get a scene of the kid being struck by lightning, his soul leaving his body, and some demon, and an angel (or Jesus) reaching for him.

So, apparently you can convert just at the moment of death? I don't even know what that scene is implying.

By the way, is it just me, or does the little boy in the first tract look almost exactly like the little boy in Guilty, and It's Not Your Your Fault? If I didn't know any better, I'd think that the three of them were actually triplets, separated at birth, and adopted by completely different families.
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